Sales & Management Services

Intueri Group will bring new systems, new focus, new perspective, and better results to your sales and management team. We attack the problems and issues like a military campaign and with precision, we achieve the desired results. We can fill in as interim C-Level leadership, we can re-train and re-mold your sales and management teams, and we will bring about clear results without all of the fluff that so many people rely on these days to show how good they are. We rely on the simple results of increased efficiency, increased sales, and better functioning teams.

What do we mean by FLUFF? If you have ever worked with a consulting firm before, you may have gotten page after page of boilerplate propaganda and pretty graphs that didn't really drive results. Intueri Group dives deep to get to the issues that create the end result of increased revenues or more streamlined operations.

Need us just as advisors? We can do that. Need a full revamping of your sales or management team? We can do that too. Need a long term interim role filled? We can handle it. We are nimble, adaptable, and work for you to move your business ahead.

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HR, Recruiting, & Financial Services

Are you missing revenue because your billing and collections systems are not working optimally? Is your HR a nightmare? Are you having trouble recruiting top talent? We can recruit for you. Let us come in with our accounting team and revamp, re-train, and re-energize your systems and team. We will bring efficiency, transparency, and profitability to your team.  Need help with finding financing, banking relationships, or negotiations? We can step in and get everything done for you and train your team to move ahead on their own in the future.

While we can help any company, we have expertise in oil & gas, manufacturing, construction, tech, Start-Up's, and non-profits

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Corporate Culture & Wellness

Does your organization need a re-vamp of the overall culture, attitude, and outlook of your staff? Are your people unhealthy, unhappy, and unproductive? Intueri Group will come in, build a new culture that thrives on productivity, wellness, teamwork, and organizational efficiency.  We can do on-site or off-site team building activities.  On-site yoga and wellness training. We even do menu planning and healthy living programs.

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Intueri Group Helps YOU!

Intueri Group is a full service consulting firm that transcends multiple industries. We have seen great success in the transportation industry, oil & gas, manufacturing, insurance services, call centers, inside sales organizations, outside sales, construction, and in management services.

We come into your organization, LISTEN to your mission, vision, and goals and then we formulate and execute a plant to help you get to the place where you want to be. We give you the tools to continue to grow after we have left.

We are flexible, adaptable, and work tirelessly for our clients who we consider to be a part of the Intueri Group family.


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