Our Approach

Our Approach

We help our clients grow.

A distinct difference between Intueri Group and many other similar firms is that we focus on the end result - growing your profits and avoid unnecessary fluff for the sake of pretty reports and long winded explanations. We simply work.

Our founder and CEO, Michael Clinton, PhD, is personally involved with every single one of our clients. He treats every one of our clients as if he is also an owner, to ensure that we do the very best job for them.

The word Intueri comes from the Latin which means "intuition, intuitive". I like to say that it is the "gut" feel that many of us listen to but don't always act on. We help break down complex issues into simple solutions and we focus on results, sales, growth, teamwork, and let the client worry about the tertiary issues such as reports and bureaucracy.

While we can help any company, we specialize in the medical space, construction, tech, and start-ups. For the struggling company, we are turnaround wizards who will get you back on track to profitability.

Our Story

Our Story

Intueri Group was born in the defensive contracting world. The original logo of Intueri Group is the skull with the reticle for an eye as it represented the defensive/military/law enforcement roots of the company. This quickly morphed into what we are today as many companies wanted team building activities and business advice as well.

Mike has a varied background with time in the United States Marine Corps, with an MBA and PhD, working internationally for multiple organizations, working as the CFO, COO, and Chief of Staff for hospitals, laboratories, and medical clinics, in sales, in financial services, insurance, transportation, call center operations, and more, Intueri Group transitioned into a full service consulting company.

One distinctive trait that our clients find when we do an immersive project with them is that we help build happy teams. We can take a discouraged, negative, and non-productive team and help them to become healthy and fully functional.

We do turn-arounds and we take new companies and help them secure funding, scale, and plan lucrative exits.

Meet the Team

Here are some of our key team members that most of our clients will come into contact with. This team is energetic, a little crazy at times, and all focused on making our client's lives better. This team has managed many millions of dollars in new revenue across a broad variety of industries. Only the best at Intueri Group!


Michael J Clinton, MBA, PhD

Founder & CEO

Mike's life reads like an adventure novel. Growing up between the Northwoods of Wisconsin and the island nation of Taiwan, he grew up understanding cross-cultural communication and viewed new opportunities as an adventure. Time in the United States Marine Corps shaped his leadership skills, time working globally shaped his ability to never get overwhelmed or stressed out, and time in business has helped him see challenges as opportunities.

Mike loves to help companies that have a great product or service but cannot seem to find profits. With his input, he has been able to help many businesses grow in profitability without losing people. He believes that the greatest asset of any organization is the people who work there.  He is also an expert at helping build effective sales teams and strategies, healthy corporate culture, and scaleable businesses. He is a turnaround wizard and start-up guru. He is a founders best friend, shield, and strong right arm. He can help secure funding for growth, plans for exits, and to build effecting boards.

He he often fills in as operating CFO, CEO, COO, and Chief Sales Officer at companies with an immediate need in order to prepare them for success.  His passion is contagious and those that work with him don't like to see him go. An avid adventurer, scuba diver, hunter, and world traveller, his proudest accomplishments are his 4 strong and independent daughters. A graduate of Wheaton College (History) and the London School of Economics (MBA & PhD) Mike is an academic with a down to earth approach.

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Tony Reece

Chief Consulting Officer

Tony Reece comes to the Intueri Group with over 16 years of ERP Consulting and thought leadership.  Having built business strategy protocols around industry leading companies such as Walgreens, Pfizer/Medivation and Dell Computer Tony actually has a special knack for taking up and coming small to medium businesses from a sticking point A to where their preferred future point B.  Tony has quickly become the person to call when Big 4 consultancies wants to build understanding around a product, process or roadmap. His unique and unmatched style of communication allows him to understand and build potential around management level subject matter experts and executive level visionaries.

Within the Enterprise Resource Planning space Tony has been awarded the Titan award and placed second another year. His career achievements at the ripe age of 26 were published and honored in the best selling book “Everyday Practices of Extraordinary Consultants.  Tony has built business solutions around Software Selection, Process Roadmap, Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement health within the following industry verticals:

  • Bio-Tech / Pharma
  • Utilities
  • Energy / Oil and Gas (Public and Non Publically Traded)
  • Professional Services
  • Gaming
  • Energy / Coal Mining
  • Manufacturing (Steel Buildings)
  • Construction
  • Law (American Bar Association)
  • Insurance
  • Death Services (Funeral, Flower, Plot)
  • Telecommunications

Tony is the leading choice when you need a cross vertical financial statement and business process visionary. He has built and led 3 separate multi-million dollar revenue consultancies and sees the Intueri Group as the next chapter in a career filled with remarkable highlights and globally recognized change.  The guarantee is simple, you will cut costs and you will drive revenue while achieving Operational Simplicity with Tony Reece.

Tony is a father of two and spends his leisure time advocating for his 3 year old son who has Autism.  He was a youth pastor for 4 years and was able to take his business acumen and solid ethical base to transform the lives of so many young men in Austin Texas that he was granted full access and grade level control over McNeil High School in Austin Texas.


Michelle Walsh

Senior Vice-President of Strategy

Michelle specializes in Call Centers, Inside Sales, Young Leadership Development, Organizational Motivation, Culture Improvement, and Employee Attrition. She also dabbles in representing the company’s product through PR and advertising.  She has led large call centers with hundreds of people reporting under her umbrella and has also been sought out to develop new Call Centers and Inside Sales in a variety of Industries. She has also worked in the Oil & Gas, Industrial, and Financial Businesses.  Her passion is coaching and developing and loves taking the time to have one on one time with employees, as well as speaking in group settings so the employees feel like a team and trust her as a leader. Understanding employees are a companies largest asset, she holds them accountable to meeting company goals by providing them with the needed tools and management for successes. Michelleis very driven but she has a keen eye and special way of listening, understanding needs, and creating a culture people want to work, and the employees follow willingly most likely giving  100% at a greater rate than other companies.

Michelle and her husband are the proud parents of 26-year-old twin boys. Michelle served in the USAF during the Desert Storm in the Law Enforcement arena and was one of the, if not the first woman to win honor graduate in area’s such as the Police Academy and Air Base Ground Defense taught by the Army Rangers.   In her leisure time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends doing outside activities such as spending time on the river, kayaking, hiking, going to College games, and roaming the Hill Country of Texas.