Sales & Management Services

Does your company keep running into an invisible wall in regards to growing your sales numbers? Do you have a team that is dysfunctional and not a healthy and cohesive unit? Were your best years in the past? Are you discouraged?

Let Intueri Group come in, engage, and move you beyond your normal. Let us help your team grow in unity, in camaraderie, and in profitability.

HR, Recruiting, & Financial Services

Are you missing revenue because your billing and collections systems are not working optimally? Is your HR a nightmare? Are you having trouble recruiting top talent? Trouble keeping talent? Let us come in with our accounting and/or HR team and revamp, re-train, and re-energize your systems and team. We will bring efficiency, transparency, and profitability to your team. We have experience in HR with companies from 10 to 1000 FTE. Need help with finding financing, banking relationships, or negotiations? We can step in and get everything done for you and train your team to move ahead on their own in the future.

We have a special niche for Start-Up's as well as many new companies have a good idea and process but they do not know how to scale efficiently.  We can come in and help your company grow efficiently and profitably.

Corporate Culture and Wellness

Does your organization need a re-vamp of the overall culture, attitude, and outlook of your staff? Are your people unhealthy, unhappy, and unproductive? Intueri Group will come in, build a new culture that thrives on productivity, wellness, teamwork, and organizational efficiency.  We can do on-site or off-site team building activities.  On-site yoga and wellness training. We even do menu planning and healthy living programs.

Next Steps...

Text, call, or email us TODAY to get started on your journey of profitability!  210-284-1223 or [email protected]